Do I really need a home inspection?

NO. You don’t “need” a home inspection. However, if you value your money and want to learn more about what you are buying it makes good sense to order a home inspection. We recommend sellers order a pre-sale home inspection before you list your home. A pre-sale inspection will help uncover many problems you are unaware of that could stop or hold up a sale. The inspection report can also be used to provide your buyer with seller disclosures.

For most of us buying a home is the single largest financial transaction we will ever make.

It is in your best interest to have a home inspection before you purchase a home. A professional home inspection from Thumb Area Home Inspection will provide you with details about the current condition of a home and it’s major components. Armed with the information in our report you will be able to make a more informed purchase decision. Good or bad it is better to know before you buy.

Please understand what a home inspection is NOT. A home inspection is NOT a guarantee or warranty of future performance of any component.

A home inspection is a noninvasive look at the home and it’s major systems to determine their condition at a the time of the inspection. Home inspectors are generalists.  We report on the general condition of the home and it’s major systems at the time of the inspection.

After reading my report you will have a good sense of the total condition of the home and it’s major systems. If I find any major defects or maintenance issues I will highlight them in the report summary. While a realtor may not read beyond the summary I encourage you to read the whole report and look at all the pictures. The inspection report will give you a better idea of the current condition of the property allowing you to make a more informed purchase decision.

Let me be one of the first to say congratulations on finding your new home!

I wish you and your family many years of good health and happiness in your new home!